okay, i have to state something here: brazilians are fucking deaf.


and i don’t mean the usuak costumer, but the audio engineers big bucks, producers dickheads, blessed ignorant bastards.

above is a spectral vision of the 1992 CD release of Os Mutantes debut abum (Polygram/Polydor 829 498-2) as well as the 2006 CD remastered release (Universal Music Brazil 04228294982).

can you see the audio rape of modern times? this huge desrespect: can you hear by looking at the sound? yeah, that’s loudness war.

everybody expects that by 1995, 1996 (the year loudness war broke loose with Oasis’ What’s the Story Morning Glory as major example of it) until the year 2010 this distorted image of audio reality would be vanished from planet earth long ago, but no, no, no

well, everybody that expected that are rare, very few lucky bastards that found a shoulder to cry on in internet forums, sharing their despite with others son of a luck. together, they try to find the most sound fidelity and/or taking measures by their own hands.

of course, except in brazil. here, nobody cares. nobody cares that their “avantgarde-look-mommy-i’m-fucking-tropical-hipster-eating-from-trash” music is butchered, that the artist original body of work is almost 50% incomplete and that they keep on listening, more and more, to only a skeleton of a song.

Baratos Afins fought to death to reissue Os Mutantes records in their native country and it took it more than 20 years to get results from the majors (yeah, indeed brazilians are stupid, i told you) and did that trying to maintain as maximum dignity they could - meanwhile, omplatten reissues were made outside brazil, as well as several bootlegs releases on digital format.

Finally, in 2006 Universal Music announce that a new remaster of all Os Mutantes albums were to be released, organized by foe exturd Marcelo Fróes. these batch of remasterings sounds brighter, louder and feels great, feels like you want to blow your brains out after 15 minutes of extremely exhausting listening.

it drains your energy out. you literally feel tired for something as pleasurable as music appreciation, tired like you just walked from oiapoque to chuí. but in brazil music always meant and will always means mere entertainment, mere soundtrack of life, mere soap opera song theme, mere egotrip and emotional excuse for the emotionally crippled.

after all, who the hell cares if Rogério Duprat’s arrangements were heavily clipped in Arnaldo, Sérgio and Rita’s music?

"The worse, the better", isn’t it right? That’s less information to absorb and understand, innit?… a delight for the blessed ignorant ones. Well, i fucking care and, fortunately and unfortunately, so people around the world, outside of brazil.

in brazil, to look like something (in all subjects) is much more valuable that to actually be or do the same something. Don’t care if Jorge Ben was amputeted, as long as it looks like i listen to a lot of my indie-snotty-coward-music-culture.

yeah, you asshole, that’s exactly how things works for you - ironically, it’s most of the times the case of people who “keep on fighting” (a very loose meaning of the term here) against things like capitalism, authorities, marketing, their cereal flavor or the joys for just the sake of having the “rights” on anything.

you are deaf.

you are not listening to music as you are not living your life: you think you are, it looks like you are, you cutsy, blessed ignorant child.

consider you all blessed with the ignorance crutch.

consider you all not listening to music.

consider you all disrespectful, clueless spoiled brats. congrats.

p.s.: and yeah, i am a proud brazilian, a proud paulistano. any words regarding the topic above, deal with it, or deal with me.


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